“Brae Studios” is the Music Tuition School created by Brian H Mc Devitt who has over 40 years of experience playing music both in an amatuer and professional scenario. Starting out his early life studying and playing the Clarinet he gradually added Piano/Keyboards, Theory of Music, Saxophone and Guitar to his arsenal of instruments, and having spent over 12 years touring professionally throughout Ireland and Europe as a Musical Director and Keyboardist he brings a wealth of experience to his tuition which not only will enhance a childs understanding but also their performance as a musician.

Now in existence for over 20 years “Brae Studios” continues to grow from  strength to strength providing tuition in a wide range of instruments, both for formal examinations and purely for pleasure. With the recent appointment as Examination Representative for L.C.M. in the Omagh Area, Member of R.G.T., and also as Ambassador for the I.S.M. Brian continues to strive towards excellence in all examination diciplines.

Lessons are conducted at Brian’s home in an informal relaxed atmosphere full of encouragement to enhance your child’s musical experience and ensure that lessons are always fun.
This web-site not only informs you of the services available from “Brae Studios”, but can also be a guide for parents to further encourage your child’s musical development.


Providing your child with an education in music is an investment in your child’s future. In making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument, you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and enhancement.
Numerous studies indicate that parental attitude, support and involvement are important factors in a child’s ability to successfully learn to play and enjoy music.


For your child, music participation enhances their problem solving, goal setting, co-ordination, confidence, self confidence and esteem, teamwork, self expression, memory skills, poise and much more. It is also statistically proven that children who commence their music studies from an early age excel on average 30% better in their academic studies.

For Your Family

A child’s music study offers opportunities for shared family experience, including musical event attendance, family music-making, performances for and with family and friends and a sense of pride and accomplishment for the entire family.

How You Fit In

Always remember that your support is a key element to your child’s success with music study. It requires effort over a period of time by which you can help your child by providing a quiet place to practice, remaining nearby during practice times as often as possible, scheduling a consistent daily time for practice and praising your child’s efforts and achievements.

To give your child the best possible support you should try to encourage them to play for family and friends, offer compliments and encouragement regularly, expose your child to a wide variety of music including concerts and recitals, encourage them to talk about their lessons, make sure their instrument is in perfect working condition, allow your child to explore other pieces of music not just their study pieces, listen to their practice and acknowledge improvement, help them build a personal music library and try to get your child to make a minimum two year commitment to their music studies.
Your child’s musical progress will be greatly enhanced if you don’t use practice as a punishment, don’t insist that they play for others when they don’t want to, don’t ridicule or make fun of less than perfect playing, don’t apologize to others on their behalf, don’t start your child on an imperfect instrument and do not expect rapid progress and development in the beginning.
In the event that your child should lose interest in their music studies, don’t panic, discuss the situation with your child to determine their loss of interest, talk to their music teacher to see what can be done to rekindle their interest and enthusiasm, encourage your child to stick with lessons for an agreed period of time and offer increased enthusiasm and support.